Terms and conditions

In these two sections you’ll find out in detail our Terms, Conditions, and Privacy policy.

  • Terms and conditions

    Before enrolling in a course, please read carefully Mitoyo’s terms and conditions.
    The students that enroll in Mitoyo’s courses are accepting the terms and conditions of this academy.
    All of our lessons and courses are subject to the following terms and conditions.


    ​The student must inform the center any medical situation that doesn’t allow him or her to participate in the course at the time of enrollment.
    If the student is forced to interrupt the course for medical reasons not shared beforehand, they won’t have a right to a refund of the course’s amount.

    If on the first day of class the student hasn’t paid the total of the course, Mitoyo reserves the right to cancel the student’s classes. Mitoyo reserves the right to accept students that have 12 years or less. In the case of serious disciplinary problems, misbehavior or violation of the Spanish law, the student will be expelled from the school without a right to a refund.

    All the costs that Mitoyo has had to pay caused by the previously mentioned incidents and that have caused damages to a third person will be paid by the student that won’t have a right to a later claim.


    The student attests that all personal information given by the registration form, or any other way, at the time of enrollment is accurate and authentic and that the identity hasn’t been forged.

    The student must inform Mitoyo about any medical condition that doesn’t let him or her attend the course regularly or that could affect other students.

    The student will behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to both teachers and any other person associated with Mitoyo. Not complying with this rule will result in expulsion and the loss of the money for the course and registration.

    The class times may be subject to change.

    Mitoyo reserves the right to change the student to a different level or class if the teacher considers that the level to which he or she enrolled in isn’t the appropriate one.

    The student will arrive on time for the classes. If the student can’t attend a class, they must notify the school in advance.

    At the end of the level, the students will receive a certificate determining the level reached. To receive this document, the students must have attended over 80% of the classes during the course and passed the final level test.


    The students will pass a level test before the course in the case that their level is higher than the absolute beginner. Any level and/or time schedule change are subject to the approval of Mitoyo and the availability of the courses. For the final level test, one of our teachers will be available for when the student comes to do an oral test and will decide the level with the student as well as the class assigned.


    It’s the student’s responsibility to attend every class and take advantage of the course. If it isn’t done (it will be verified by tests and the teachers’ evaluation) or if you he or she doesn’t attend at least 80% of the course, Mitoyo reserves the right to change the student from the group and level if necessary. If the student needs a change in schedule because of reasons beyond his control, it will be made in exceptional cases with the previous consent of Mitoyo. If you already count with Mitoyo’s consent, there must be a group of the appropriate level and the desired schedule, as long as there are free spots. If this course costs more and lasts more/longer, the difference must be paid. If the cost and time of the new course is inferior, the difference won’t be refunded.


    If the course is cancelled before the students start, the refund will only be accepted if it is in written form (via email to info@mitoyocenter.com), the cancellations made by phone won’t be accepted.

    The participation on the regular courses either for new or old students are subject to a prior deposit of an amount that counts as reservation. At a later time, once the course starts, this reservation will become the Mitoyo registration if the person interested is a new student or it will be subtracted if it’s an old student.

    This amount is 30€ for new courses and 50€ for the courses that continue.

    If the cancelation is made 15 days before the start of the course, the reservation and the amount of the course can be refunded or can be kept for future courses.

    Regarding the reservation::

    • In the case of new courses, the reservation won’t be refunded, nor lost; it will be deducted directly from the tuition. (It won’t be necessary to pay the amount of the tuition in the future, but you must pay an amount of 30€ as reservation for the following courses. This amount will be deducted from the course’ price. There isn’t an expiration date to use the tuition.)
    • In the case that the course continues the 50% will be returned if it is cancelled a week in advance. With less than a week, the total amount will be lost.

    About the price of the course

    • In the case of new groups, the amount of the course won’t be returned under no circumstances if the course has already been confirmed.
    • In the case of groups that continue, the 50% of the amount will be returned if the cancelation is made with more than a week before. Under no circumstance the amount will be refunded with less than a week’s notice.

    If the new group is confirmed with a week or less than a week’s notice, the total amount of the reservation and the price of the course must be paid before the deadline stated by email. After making the payment, in the case that the interested wants to cancel the spot, the amount of the course won’t be refunded, and the conditions previously mentioned will be applied to make a reservation.

    In the case that the course is cancelled, the amount of the course and the reservation will be fully refunded, and it is possible to make a reservation for future courses. Alternative options will be offered to start other courses with different times or private classes.

    In the case that the student can’t continue to attend class and had previously chosen fractioned payment for the course and had to abandon the course for any reason, said abandonment doesn’t exempt the full payment of the course. The payment must be made, despite the absence, of the amount remaining from the course.


    What if I can’t attend my private class?

    In this case, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible informing us that you can’t make it. The private classes are very flexible, but there are always restrictions. If you inform us before 14:00 of the day before, there won’t be a problem to change the class to another day*. Otherwise, if you inform us after 14:00 of the previous day, even if the personal or external reasons, it will be counted as follows:

    For 1h of class, the class will be lost.
    For 1h and 30m, only 1 hour will be lost.
    For 2h of class, 1h will be lost.
    For 3h of class, 1h and 30 minutes will be lost.
    For 4h of class, 2h will be lost.

    *In Mitoyo it is possible to change the dates of the class with no impact with a week’s notice to every class. However, it is not possible to cancel more than 2 classes a month with less than a week’s notice as the teachers manage their time for the students. That’s why we request that the students are committed when they ask private classes from one week to the next.

    What if my private classes are shared with more people?

    In this case there is a 50% discount for the second person that signs up for private classes. When applying the discount, the following situations may occur:

    • If one of the students doesn’t go to the class and doesn’t inform with enough time in advance, he will have to pay the proportional share as the other student has attended the class. If both of them cancel the class, the usual conditions of private classes will be applied.
    • If one of the students has to miss the class and informs Mitoyo before 14:00 of the previous day, but the second student wants to attend the class, the student has to pay the proportional share.

    The previously proportional share mentioned is calculated as follows:

    • Voucher of 10h………..8€
    • Voucher of 20h………..7€
    • Voucher of 30h………..7€


    ​For the reservation of the course, it is required to pay in advance 30€ for a reservation of a spot. Those 30€ will become the tuition at the start of the course or they will be deducted from the courses’ price depending on the case. The price of the course can be divided and has to be paid at least a week before the start of the course. If the full payment isn’t made, Mitoyo can cancel the reserved course and the student won’t have any right to a refund. It is necessary that the student writes name, surname and MITOYO in all of the bank transactions.

    In no case choosing the fractioned payment exempts from paying the full amount of the course.

    Personal cheques will not be accepted.

    The payment of the course can be made the following ways:


    If you decide to pay by cash, you must pay the full amount or first payment before the first day of class at the school’s secretary.
    Card payment: (Credit card / Visa / MasterCard)

    Bank transfer

    If you decide to make the payment by bank transfer, the payment of the course must be transferred, at least, a week before the start of the course. On the first day of class you must submit the receipt of the transfer at the school’s office.

    The bank data is the following:

    IBAN: ES7321003737072200341072
    Owner: Asia Bole S.L
    Bank: La Caixa

    *The student has to write his name and surname and “Mitoyo” on the transfer concept and has to have in mind possible bank commissions. Mitoyo must receive the full payment and isn’t responsible of paying bank commissions.


    ​The student that is registered to a course with us can obtain up to a 5% discount if he or she registers in a second course. They must be registered in a course to be eligible for this discount. The percentage will be calculated on the course of less value, but it can be deducted of the price of the course with more value.

    If one of the members of your family enrolls with you, they can receive a 5% discount at the moment of making the tuition.

    The discounts that aren’t requested at the moment of making the enrollment can’t be claimed after.

    The discounts can’t be combined and are applied on the second payment in the case that you have chosen instalment payments.


    Mitoyo isn’t required to refund money or to compensate missed classes due to national, regional or local holidays. The center will be closed during the public holidays set by Madrid. There will be no make-up classes for regular lessons, with the exception of private lessons. If the first day of the course starts on a public holiday, the course will start the next day.

    Public holidays in 2019

    • January 1 Tues. New Year
    • January 7 Mon. Epifanía del Señor
    • April 18 Thurs. Jueves Santo
    • April 19 Fri. Viernes Santo
    • May 1 Wed. Labor Day
    • May 2 Thurs. Holiday in Madrid (province)
    • May 15 Wed. San Isidro
    • August 15 Thurs. Asunción de la Virgen
    • October 12 Sat. National Holiday
    • November 1 Fri. All Saints’ Day
    • November 9 Sat. Virgen de la Almudena
    • December 6 Fri. Constitution Day
    • December 9 Mon. Inmaculada Concepción
    • December 25 Wed. Christmas


    In compliance with the Spanish law 15/1999 of December 13 about personal data protection, Mitoyo notifies the students that their personal data in these general conditions will be saved in a database (in which ASIA BOLE S.L. is in charge), solely for commercial purposes and operational purposes of the company. By accepting these terms and conditions, the student agrees to the previously mentioned treatment and its use for the purposes mentioned. The student has the right to ask that we inform him or her about right of access, amendment, and cancellation of this information in the terms set on the current legislation by writing to the following address: Calle de Fortuny 11, Bajo Izquierda, 28010, Madrid, España.


    Civil liability: Mitoyo has an insurance policy for accidents and civil responsibility that covers possible minor incidents and accidents that could occur inside the center. Mitoyo is not responsible of the loss or the stealing of the belongings of the student, so we advise you to get your own insurance policy. Mitoyo is not responsible for any accident that happens out of the facilities of the school (for example, at the accommodations or trips). Mitoyo is not responsible of theft or illness (both in and out of the school).


    When formalizing the registration, the students allows Mitoyo to take photos or videos and use the images taken by the students during class and school activities. The denial of this right must be reported in advance. The students will be provided with a document at the moment of formalizing the registration. Mitoyo is not responsible for any printing errors or third party publication errors about Mitoyo.


    The student agrees that he or she understands that, in case of emergency, Mitoyo has permission to get in contact with the emergency contact provided. The student agrees that this data is correct and is updated and promises to inform Mitoyo of any possible change in the details.

    Mitoyo reserves the right to cancel the classes if they don’t reach the minimum number of students per class. Mitoyo reserves the right to add up to two students maximum to any course. Mitoyo assumes takes no responsibility in circumstances of force majeure (in accordance to the law) or by the student’s actions.


  • Privacy policy

    1. Our commitment with your privacy

    Asia Bole S.L (“Mitoyo”) Calle de Fortuny nº 11, Madrid controls the personal data that are shared with us and, thus, will be responsible for the personal data according to the current legislation. In Spain, the company ASIABOLE S.L, CIF: B8712825, with address C/Fortuny nº 11, 28010 and phone number 918780538 is the entity that gathers the information and processes the personal data on behalf of Mitoyo.

    In Mitoyo we have always made the commitment to protect the privacy of our clients. Mitoyo’s privacy policy applies to all of the personal data collected by us or that has been send to us, either offline or online, including personal information collected or sent to our websites and any other way like mobile websites, apps, widgets and other interactive features for mobile devices across our official social media that we work with, as well as the messages that we send by email in HTML format (social media, apps and websites will be referred to as “Sites” from now on). When visiting Sites, you accept and consent that Mitoyo performs the practices described in this privacy policy. If you don’t agree with some of the stipulations written in the privacy policy, please refrain from using the website or from sending personal data.

    1. Personal data

    What personal data do we collect?

    Personal data relates to information or data with which you can personally identify someone,

    for example:
    DNI [Spanish Identity Card]
    Postal address (including billing address and shipment)
    Phone number (including landline and mobile number)
    Credit card and debit card numbers
    Profile photo
    Country of residence
    Name and address of the school
    Name and address of the company
    Preferred courses
    Data collected through cookies, pixel tags and others
    Location data
    Consolidated data

    How do we collect personal data?

    Mitoyo and our service providers can carry out the data gathering of personal information by many different ways, including:

    By sites, for example, when you register to receive a newsletter or make a purchase. Outside of the Internet (offline), for example, when you contact customer service. By other sources like, for example, public data bases, marketing partners, social media platforms, the people who you are friends with or you are connected with on social media, as well as third parties. If you decide to connect a social media account with our website, certain personal data of your social media account will be shared with us, which might include personal data that is part of your profile or the profile of your friends.

    Through your browser or device: certain data is collected by the majority of the browsers or automatically through your device. We’ll use this data with a statistical purpose and to make sure that the sites work correctly.

    Using cookies: cookies allow the web server to transfer data to a computer or device for archive purposes and other purposes. If you don’t want cookies to collect your data, most browsers will allow you to decline cookies following a simple process. To obtain more information of our cookies and the reason why we use them, pleases refer to our cookies policy.

    Through you: we can collect data like your birthdate, gender, identity card, and postal code, as well as other information like, for example, your preferred way of contact, when you voluntarily give out the information.

    In some cases, we can use a paid service of a third party for the shopping transactions and/or to collect the donations made through those sites. In these cases, your personal data can be collected by the third party and not by us and is subject to the terms and conditions of the third party instead of this one. We can’t control and we aren’t responsible for the use or disclosure of your personal data on behalf of the third party.

    For what purpose can we use personal information?

    We can use your personal information for the following:

    To answer questions and meet requests, for example, to send you newsletters or answer your questions and comments.

    To send you information, for example, information related to sites and changes to our terms and conditions and our policy. Because this information can be important to the use of the sites for you, you can’t opt out of receiving these notifications.

    To process the purchase and/or donation, for example, process the payment, organize the delivery of the order, contact you about the purchase and provide our customer service with regarding all of the above.

    To provide updated information and announcements regarding our products, offers and plans, and to invite you to participate in special programs.

    To allow you to contact and be reached by other users through sites, as long as the sites allows it.

    To allow you to participate in notice boards, chat rooms, profile pages, blogs and other services in which you can publish information and material (including our social media accounts).

    For our own business purposes like, for example, to analyze and manage our business, conduct market research studies and audits, develop new products, optimize our sites, improve our products and services, identify new trends, determine the efficiency of our promotional campaigns, personalize your experience and the content of the sites in line with your past browsing behavior, measure your degree of satisfaction and provide our customer service (including the solution to problems related to any issue).

    We use the information collected through the browsers of your device with statistical purposes, as well as to guarantee that the sites work correctly.

    To obtain detailed information on the purposes for which we use cookies, please see our cookies policy.

    To the extent that we consider necessary or convenient: (a) in accordance with the provisions in the applicable law, including the current laws outside of the country of residence: (b) to abide with court injunctions; (c) to answer demands of public and government authorities, including those outside the country of residence; (d) to demand the adherence to our terms and conditions; (e) to protect our operations or any related entities; (f) to protect our rights, our privacy or our property and/or those of the related entities, yours or of the third parties; and (g) to be able to exercise the actions that help us in law or minimize the damage that we could sustain.

    1. Security

    We’ve adopted reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect the personal information that is under our data processing. Unfortunately, the security of data transmission through the internet or the data storage system can’t be 100% guaranteed.

    If you have reasons to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if you consider that the security of any account that you have with us has been breached), we ask that you get in contact with us immediately by filling out the form that you can access from the section “Contact us”.

    1. Access, modification and options

    We offer various options regarding the use and share of your personal information with marketing purposes.

    If at any given time you want us to stop sending you advertising, the easiest way is to unsubscribe using the included feature for this purpose in the email sent. Likewise, you can communicate it by email, by phone or in written form using the contact information given at the bottom of the section “Contact us”. In your form, we please ask that you state that you want to stop receiving advertisements.

    We also won’t share your personal information to any third party, including our partners, to develop direct marketing strategies if we have received and processed your application, on your behalf, in which you state that your personal information can’t be shared with third parties for this purpose. If you wish to send this request, do so through the available form in the section “Contact us”. We urge that you clearly request that we don’t share your personal information to our partners and/or other third parties to conduct direct marketing strategies.

    Keep in mind that it is possible that the changes that you request won’t be effective immediately. We’ll do everything we can to fulfill your request as soon as possible and, under no circumstances, transpired 30 days from the date that we receive the request. Be aware that if you don’t ask that we stop sending you advertisements, we can still send you messages, and you can’t auto exclude yourself from receiving messages from the administration.

    To access your personal information that you have provided us with previously or to correct them, update, cancel or object of its use by us, use the form of the section “contact us” and clearly describe what your petition is about. In your application, make clear what data you want to modify or if you want to cancel the personal information on you in our file or specify the limits you want subject to the authorization of your personal information on our part. You can exercise your right to access the information that Mitoyo has about you using the form previously mentioned in the section “Contact us”.

    We’ll try to process your request as soon as possible. Consider that despite our best efforts, it is possible that our files and records there might be residual data that won’t be eliminated or modified. Likewise, it is possible that we need to keep certain data for archive purposes and/or to complete any operations that start the request the modification or cancelation in question (for example, when you complete a purchase or participate in a promotion, you can’t request a rectification or cancelation of your personal information provided until it has been finalized).

    1. Third-parties’ websites

    The current privacy policy doesn’t regulate the practices of a third party in privacy matters, data protection or any other aspect, including any third party that runs a site of Mitoyo’s sites that contains a link, and we are not responsible of such practices. The inclusion of a link in Mitoyo’s sites does not entail that us or the companies linked consent to the content of the linked website.

    Furthermore, we can allow you to access a third-party function that lets you publish content in the account that you have in the social network. The data that you provide when using this feature will be subject to the privacy policy corresponding to the third party, and not this privacy policy. We have no control over the use that any third party does of the data that you provide when using this feature and we are not responsible to this effect.

    We are also not responsible for the policy and methods in terms of gathering, use and sharing (including the methods in security terms of the data) of other organizations like, for example, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM or any other application developer, application provider, social network platform, operating system provider, wireless service provider or device manufacturer, including as far as personal data that you share to other organizations through apps or our social media accounts or in relation with them.

    1. Storage period

    We preserve your personal information during a period of time necessary to achieve the goals that are described in this privacy policy.

    1. Minors using the websites

    We offer children shows for adults to purchase. To protect the privacy of minors, we request the parent’s consent of those users that wish to make a reservation or request a catalogue of any of this shows and that are under the required legal age in their country of residence.

    1. Specially protected data

    In general, you should refrain from sending us personal data specially protected (for example, data on your ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, your religion or other beliefs, your health or diseases, criminal records or trade-union membership) and sharing through the sites or any other way. In exceptional cases like, for example, when you apply for insurance, we’ll inform you about how to do it in a secure way.

    1. Updates on the current privacy policy

    We deserve the right to modify the current privacy policy. Check the updated date that appears in the head of this website to find out when was the last time the current privacy policy was modified. The modifications in the current privacy policy go into effect when we publish the revised version of the privacy policy in the corresponding site. If you use the sites once said modifications are made, it is understood that you accept the revised version of the privacy policy.