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Why study in Japan?

A beautiful culture


Explore the beautiful culture of Japan. The Japanese culture seduces and captivates by itself. The first encounter from a distance is usually shallower, so why not discover it in depth starting from its roots?


Put into effect what you’ve learned


Learn the real Japanese. Studying in Japan is the perfect excuse to create a social circle, learn from it to breathe Japanese while we enjoy day to day what we’ve learned practicing in real life situations.

Advantages of your trip with Mitoyo

The best schools of Asian languages

We’ve chosen the schools undergoing a thorough selection process to establish a collaboration with the best exchange centers. We not only take into account the academic criteria, but the facilities, support to international students and the help for housing are also important for us, amongst other requirements.

Study support

We will advise you on the type of course better suited to your personal expectations. Tell us what you are looking for in your trip to Japan and we’ll guide you on the selection process of the course. Our experience speaks for itself so that, together, we may find the course better adapted for you.

Quality control

Thanks to our communication with international schools, we’ll be able to give you detailed information about the courses in the schools. On top of that, we keep in contact with the schools to guarantee that we’ll always offer the best service.

Enjoy a true Japanese experience

Japan… Yes, it is possible to travel to Japan… It is possible to study in Japan. From the classroom we often feel we’re learning something stationary. But that isn’t what learning languages is about. Learning Japanese is listening to the sounds of cicadas in summer, learning to wear the obi for the yukata to participate in a hanami, understanding the blossoming of the cherry trees… All of this is what learning Japanese entails. This is what a trip to Japan offers.

(Español) Prepárate para estudiar japonés en Japón

(Español) Cuando decides que quieres viajar a Japón, nada puede pararte. ¡Su cultura tiene algo que nos lleva a conocerla cada vez más y más! Si antes de viajar quieres llegar a tener un buen nivel o quieres mejorar porque vas a trabajar o entrar en la universidad, en Mitoyo ofrecemos cursos regulares a todos los niveles, desde el más básico A1 hasta el más avanzado C2. No obstante, si no puedes esperar más por los cursos regulares, puedes optar por las clases particulares, el modo más efectivo y rápido de conocer el idioma con una programación totalmente adaptada a tus necesidades. En caso de que vivas muy lejos, ¡no te preocupes! Las clases particulares también pueden ser por Skype.

(Español) Curso regular japonés