Rules and recommendations

We have some recommendations we advise you to follow in order to enjoy and take advantage of everything this course has to offer.


  1. DON’T
    1. Don’t skip over 4 classes in a row. We will still allow you to attend classes but we can’t guarantee you will gain the certificate nor pass the exam you need in order to pass to the next level.
    2. Don’t use your phone in class unless it’s needed for the lessons or in case of an emergency.
    3. Don’t ask for your teacher’s personal information (address, phone number, email or any other personal information).
  2. DO
    1. Always bring your materials.
    2. Be on time.
    3. Do the homework your teacher tells you to do.
    4. Participate in class.
    5. Pay attention.
    6. Enjoy and have fun at class.
    7. Communicate and don’t be afraid of socializing.
    8. Share your interests with your classmates.
    9. Suggest activities and ways to improve the classes.
    10. Tell us if you are not comfortable or you have any complains.

In order to keep a pleasant environment in class and guarantee the proper running of the academy, we ask you to comply with the following rules. Otherwise this will result in the expulsion of the academy.


It is forbidden to:

  1. Disrespect the administration, teachers and classmates.
  2. Any kind of harassment of the administration, teachers or classmates.
  3. The consumption of drugs or alcohol at the academy.
  4. To attend class under the influence of drugs.
  5. To eat (although eating a small snack is allowed) during classes.
  6. To smoke at the academy.
  7. Any kind of theft.
  8. To enter the teachers’ office without permission.
  9. To take outside the academy’s material (books or any other kind of object) without permission.
  10. To vandalize the academy.