Dear students of Mitoyo

My name is Mitoyo san and I would like to publicly greet all of the students that have trusted us until now and rely on us to achieve their language learning goals.

Why did I start Mitoyo? That’s what I asked myself a long time ago, when I decided I wanted to live in Spain. What could I contribute to a new country? I realised there were many misunderstandings about Asian culture. That’s why I came up with Mitoyo as a bridge between cultures… It’s more than that, it’s a gateway that takes you to Asia. A dedicated dimension to Asian culture in Madrid where you’ll find everything you were looking for.

To be honest, I was surprised to see the passion that the students showed for such a different, but rich and interesting culture at the same time. And that’s what we offer at our center: a rewarding encounter with a culture not always well understood or widespread. Thus, the students are the core of Mitoyo. Thanks to them and their daily interaction with the teachers, the spirit of the academy is kept alive in the same way that speakers keep a language alive.

In the future, in order to better promote the interaction between our cultures, we plan on expanding our services with other centers and institutions to keep growing and at the same time improving simultaneously our structure and to also recommend different options to those interested in learning with us. During all of this time this has helped us improve our facilities, accomplish a flexible and efficient administrative system that allows us to address all your doubts and set a communicative methodology adapted to the essential needs of the students.

I sincerely hope you enjoy everything we offer and we are also looking forward for your recommendations. See you in Mitoyo!