Preparation for TOPIK exam

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean, 한국능력시험) it’s an official exam that will certify your Korean level internationally. As any other language certificate, this one is very useful to enter any Korean company or university. Nowadays it is arranged by the South Korean National Institute for International Education. Although TOPIK is composed of two main levels, TOPIK I y TOPIK II, these are composed of 6 sublevels that match the ones fixed by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Like this, TOPIK I-1 is similar to the A1 level, it’s meant for students that have been studying Korean for a short time, meanwhile TOPIK II-4 is similar to the B2 level and TOPIK II-6 is similar to the C2 level, the highest one. There’s one exam in October every year and, in Madrid, it is celebrated in Universidad Complutense.

Enrollment TOPIK course

Why should I attend this course?

To get the answer to this question we could look into our own language. What’s the difference between being able to communicate or knowing how to talk a language properly? When we listen to a foreigner talking our native language we can understand what they say but we know they’re not expressing their selves properly and it sounds different sometimes. Through a language certification, students can prove that they are able to use concrete and specific vocabulary and use Korean grammar properly. It depends on the level but every material comes from original sources with little changes. This is the reason why, before facing the TOPIK exam, it’s important to attend a course that will help you improve our Korean, understand how the exam works and learn some skills that will be useful to pass the exam. For this, books used in regular courses are not enough, more specific material must be used.

Exam structure


 SectionsTime Points
(30 questions)
40 min200
(40 questions)
60 min
Total70 questions1h 40 min200
(50 questions)
60 min
(50 questions)
70 min
(4 questions)
50 min
Total104 questions3h300

You can’t take the exam for a sublevel, two exams for TOPIK I and TOPIK II are arranged:

  • TOPIK I (highest score: 200 points):
    • If you get 80 points, you get sublevel 1.
    • If you get 140 points, you get sublevel 2.


  • TOPIK II (highest score: 300 points):
    • If you get 120 points, you get sublevel 3.
    • If you get 150 points, you get sublevel 4.
    • If you get 190 points, you get sublevel 5.
    • If you get 230 points, you get sublevel 6, the highest one.

Enrolling in TOPIK exam

To certify your Korean level, Madrid offers you the chance to do it in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. If you want more information about dates, prices or enrollment, this link will redirect you to the University’s official page. You can take this exam 4 times a year (March, April, October and November. Normally, the exam for TOPIK I takes places in the morning and the one for TOPIK II in the afternoon. This way you can attend both exams if you want to. These usually happen on Saturdays or Sundays, but you must always verify the date.