Resources to learn Korean online and free

To internalise Korean we need to be in touch with it continuously. This means the longest we are working with it, the better. But some people are really busy, work, friends… and relaxing from time to time is mission impossible. Anyway, don’t be afraid, technology is here to make our lives easier. Through those free apps and websites, learning Korean or at least getting introduced to the language will be a bed of roses… difficulties can wait.



Eggbun: Chat to Learn Korean

This app was made by a Korean team. It’s an app to learn Korean following the instructions of a little robot called Lanny. Through fun and daily conversations, you’ll be able to learn Korean vocabulary, idioms and sentences with Lanny.

Once you have registered, you’ll see the app’s lobby where you’ll find lists of topics, from Korean alphabet, pronunciation and greetings to daily conversations and advanced vocabulary. If you want to have access to more contents of the app, you’ll have to pay to unlock them.

Apart from all this, the app also offers a creative and useful section called “Culture Note”, which doesn’t only help you to learn the language, but also helps you to know the culture better.




Its second name should be something like “The perfect app for busy people”. The moment you open it, you’ll find that it’s divided in short 5-minute lessons. Through those little “drops” full of wisdom, you’ll learn vocabulary and will do little tests to review some contents. It has two versions, a free one in which you unlock contents as you keep learning and a paid version where every content is available since the first moment. Anyway, if you want to learn to write and learn basic vocabulary, this is a good way to start!




LingoDeer is a good option to learn Korean. Its interface shows lessons that will unlock as you progress on the contents of the app. This one is a useful app if you want to learn vocabulary and simple sentences, but not too recommendable if you want to improve your grammar.




Talk To Me In Korean

This website is ready to teach you Korean the way you prefer, whether you want to take classes or learn on your own, this website will offer you different ways to learn the language. You can sign in at this website and have access to online classes, it also gives you the chance to buy textbooks, workbooks and even e-books to help you learn Korean in a better way.

Apart from this, it has a section called “Test your Korean” that will take you to a little test to learn what’s your Korean level.




This website has a YouTube channel with lots of videos that will help you learn both Korean language and culture.

These two resources, website and YouTube videos, are in English.


youtube chanel

How To Study Korean

This website is really useful to study Korean. Its interface is in English, but some lessons, specially the ones from the lowest levels, are available in other languages. This page is really clear and is well organized to learn the language and its grammar.

This website is divided in six units, each one divided in sections that focus on different fields of the language (alphabet, grammar, sentences, questions, etc.)




This website has a YouTube channel where you’ll find videos about Korean culture, language and the country. These videos are organized on playlists depending on their topic.


Canal de youtube


ConCoreaTV is a YouTube channel where a native Korean teacher will teach you different lessons in Spanish. This way, you will be able to review everything you’ve learnt or learn the basics of the language. A lot of videos have different kinds of material available on their description.



KBS World

KBS World, a popular TV channel, has created a section called “Let’s Learn Korean”. This is an online Korean course divided by units that will help you improve your vocabulary.



Sogang university

With Sogang University online course you’ll be able to learn Korean, typical idioms of it and some cultural aspects.




Through this website you’ll be able to learn Korean from the start and learn new things thanks to its courses.