Resources to learn Japanese online for free

The amount of hours that we spend with all our new technologies can be used wisely to improve our abilities in Japanese. Especially to study the Japanese kanjis. During your free time on the subway, or when you are patiently waiting for getting a haircut.. any time is a good time to study Japanese. It is better 20 min each day than 4 hours one or two days a week. Below we will recommend you some of the apps that have helped some of our student in the past.




The app offers you 5 min lessons in many languages, one of those is Japanese. In the main page, you will discover that the content is divided in topics (language basics, vocabulary, food, nationalities, etc) and those allows you to chose which ability to improve, make some small test and learn some new vocabulary. The free version will allow you to make one lesson each 10 hours and you will be able to unlock new topics each time you complete one. The app will help you to know the language and learn some vocabulary, but won’t be extremely useful to learn the grammar.



(Español) LingoDeer

With LingoDeer, learning Japanese becomes a path of milestones. It’s different lessons will be unlocking each time we complete one in order to learn new basic vocabulary each time. It is a good option to learn vocabulary and basic sentences, however not the best option to learn grammar.





You can learn a foreign language without a dictionary? are they expensive? Don’t worry, this online dictionary will help you to solve all your doubts. You will be able to find words, kanjis, the conjugations and study each kanji separately.



Pronunciation course of the Waseda University.

Even if the Spanish pronunciation is similar to the Japanese one, there is always a way to improve. This free course will help you to enhance your Japanese pronunciation.



Aprende Japonés

The website Aprende Japonés focuses in teaching Japanese in a clear and effective way. When acceding the main page, you will find different subject available. Those come with a small explanation that will help you to understand each subject. Some of them like hiragana and katakana have some games.




This website has a Youtube channel that offers videos to learn Japanese in different languages.

Youtube channel


The TV channel NHK offers you free materials to learn  Japanese. They are made for students with a basic level starting with the language.




Moreover, they have a website made of easy news in Japanese for foreigners. You will be also able to listen the news and watch an introductory video.


NHK easy

Tae Kim

This website has many resources and tips that you can use to enhance your Japanese and solve some of your doubts.




Kira sensei

Even if you already know Kira sensei from his videos in Youtube about the Japanese society or its Japanese courses, you probably don’t know its website. Have a look and check its online material.