Everything that leads us to Japan is easily recognizable given its strong identity.

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Why study Japanese?

Everyone has their own reasons to learn Japanese, but we’ll give you two more! The cultural contrast of Japan has captivated the occidental cultures, and the Japanese language is a bridge that allows access to this new world. And, moreover, the language possesses a melodiousness that draws our attention.

How long does it take to learn Japanese?

This is one of the first questions that arise when someone sets out to learn Japanese. Normally we learn languages with a set goal, so it’s normal to wonder how much it will take to complete it. However, there isn’t just one answer, because learning Japanese in Madrid is not the same as traveling to Japan. On top of that …We don’t even fully learn our own language!

Leaving behind the “Well, it’s just that…”, we can say that generally speaking it takes from 4 to 5 years to obtain a good Japanese level. The first things we learn are the more common rules and Japanese expressions that we can do it in 2 to 3 years, but if we add writing and reading Japanese fluently, it will take around 4 or 5 years. So, it’s time to get to work and take the opportunity to enjoy the Japanese culture in its own element!

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Do you want to study in Japan?

We know that this is probably one of your dreams. If you already essentially live and breathe the Japanese culture, what would be better than studying in Japan for a while? In Mitoyo we offer you the possibility of finding out and experiencing the culture for yourself with our travel plans. We’re doing more and more collaborations with Japanese schools that will help you take the language-learning to the next level. Make the most of it thanks to their cultural activities, clear up any doubts about Japanese, make friends… Keep browsing or contact us for all the information.

Study trips

(Español) Estudiar japonés en Japón

(Español) Estudiar japonés en Japón y vivir plenamente una experiencia enriquecedora a todos los niveles, ¡no dudes en contactar con Mitoyo! Todo aprendizaje de idiomas no quedaría completo sin conocer de primera mano el país que le da vida. Por eso, nos hemos propuesto ser un cruce entre culturas y no solo una academia de japonés. Con este objetivo en mente se creó el programa actual de viajes de estudio. Encontrarás centros educativos por prácticamente la totalidad del territorio del país y con una gran oferta de cursos. Ahora, viajar a Japón para estudiar japonés es una realidad al alcance de todos. Desde que aterrices en Japón, las posibilidades se multiplican. Será posible participar en una ceremonia del té, asistir al florecimiento de los cerezos, pasear por las calles más conocidas de Tokio, Kioto, comerse un ramen bien caliente en Sapporo… En fin, Japón nos ofrece mucho más de lo que podamos imaginar. ¡Hay que ir para descubrirlo todo! ¿Durante cuánto tiempo quieres estudiar? ¿Dónde quieres hacerlo? Próximo destino… ¡El País del sol naciente!

(Español) Academia de japonés en Madrid

(Español) En Mitoyo encontrarás mucho más que una academia de japonés. Hemos creado un espacio destinado a la cultura y los idiomas asiáticos, entre los que se incluyen el chino y el coreano, donde podrás asistir a clases de grupo o particulares, estudiar por tu cuenta, ver series e incluso comer antes o después de asistir a tus clases. Su ambiente agradable te permitirá intercambiar experiencias con otros estudiantes y practicar. Si estás buscando una escuela de japonés donde acceder a la mejor formación para lograr tus objetivos ya sea porque te apasiona su cultura, sus costumbres o porque quieres embarcarte en un proyecto laboral o empresarial vinculado a Japón, en Mitoyo te proponemos cursos regulares y adaptados al nivel de los alumnos. Todos los grupos son reducidos para que puedas hablar y participar cómodamente en clase, así como los profesores son nativos a la vez que cercanos. En caso de que ya tengas decidido formar una vida en Japón, ¿conoces los exámenes NOKEN? ¡Descubre nuestros cursos preparatorios para superar el examen sin problemas!

A Japanese academy and…

When you decide to travel to Japan, nothing can stop you. Its culture has something that will make you want to learn about it more and more! If you want to have a good level or want to improve before travelling because you are going to work or you’re going to study on college, here in Mitoyo we offer you regular courses for every level, from the most basic one A1 to the most advanced C2. A specialisation in Asian languages has driven us to be a Chinese academy in Madrid so that this wonderful city lets its population enjoy other cultures. You’ll meet Chinese students and you’ll be able to share interests with them at the same time you discover a great Chinese presence in Madrid.

If your interests go further than Chinese, we are also a Korean academy in Madrid. A place dedicated to Asian languages where we’ll be able to bring Korean culture closer to you so that you can set up a relationship with natives and share interests. You’ll be able to get into basic level A1 and improve until you reach C2 level, TOPIK I or TOPIK II. It doesn’t matter the level but your will to learn! Keep surfing or contact us for more information.

Japa natiz ation

Just like the title says, this is a blog for you to become a Japanese via the culture. It’s a place in which to find material to learn Japanese. It is, in essence, a place to bring Japan nearer to our shores.

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