Resources to learn Chinese free and online

Even if they aren’t the ideal study material to learn the language from zero, they are very useful when it comes to doing short revisions when we’re away from home or to learn little things to find out if we really are interested in the language. There are also resources with a lot of useful information and common problems. And, as always, don’t forget to add the keyboard of the language you are studying in your computer or phone to practice at any time!




Drops, as the name suggests, offers topics of around 5 minutes in Chinese (Mandarin), but it also includes other languages. From the beginning we can choose what we want to practice among the offered ones. One of the interesting things is that, when we are studying, at the same time we’ll do small tests to review at the same time. However, the free version only let’s you study once every 10 hours and all of the content that you haven’t reached yet is blocked. We recommend you learn and review vocabulary, but this isn’t your app if what you are looking for is Chinese grammar.



Chinese Writer

This free app is very useful to learn to read and write Chinese characters (Mandarin). It offers more than 5000 characters with an explanation that is both in English and Spanish and the pronunciation of each one.




Pleco is a free app that is composed of various tools to learn the language. There’s also a Chinese-English dictionary, a flash-cards system and a document reader. This app has also a paid version that includes special features like character recognition using the camera’s device.




The LingoDeer app is very useful to learn Chinese (Mandarin). It displaces an interface with many lectures that will be unlocked when you start completing them. That’s why it is very useful to learn more vocabulary and daily phrases of the language, but not so much when it comes to grammar.

The app also lets you work with many languages at the same time and offers courses in various



Hello Chinese

Learn Chinese is an app that will follow you in your learning of the basics of Chinese. Through exercises on pronunciation, writing, videos, and a lot more, you’ll start to distinguish words in
audios and pronounce basic words with good enunciation. Learn Chinese is a good way to start and will help you in your journey to learning Chinese.



ChineseSkill – Learn Chinese

Just like Hello Chinese, ChineseSkill is an app very similar to Duolingo, but focused on the learning of Mandarin. It has many units like remembering, listening, writing, filling out information and translation which are organized into different topics. This app is a good choice to review what you have learned in class.



Tantan and WeChat or Line

If what you are interested in is making Asian friends, Tantan is what you are looking for. Its an app similar to Tinder in which you’ll be able to delve into the Asian culture by different Asian matchs. You’ll probably need to download an Asian “Whatsapp” too. For the Chinese, it would be WeChat; while in Japan they mostly use Line.




Hablo Chino

This completely free website offers online classes to learn Chinese (Mandarin) step by step. The website is divided into classes by level and is well-structured. All the material that it offers includes audios to help you with pronunciation, get used to the tones, and practice the pronunciation with the lessons.

The website also has a section that sells books to learn Chinese.


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Arch Chinese

So that you can learn to write Chinese, in this website there’s a collection of many resources to help improve and understand the character strokes.


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This website offers a wide variety of features, from an English thesaurus, memory games and the HSK exam preparation to a part related with the culture, news, literature, humor, and more.


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Chino-China is a website with different free lessons in which you’ll be able to practice your knowledge and learn more.


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The Chairman’s bao

This website includes articles specially designed for students that are learning Chinese. You’ll be able to see that the website is updated daily and it is divided into the HSK levels.


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Clavis Sinica

If what you are looking for is easy to listen audios that is aimed at students who are learning Chinese, this is a website in which you’ll be able to listen to audios whose emphasis is clear sound and the speed isn’t very fast. The audios are divided into topics.


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