About Mitoyo

Mitoyo comes from the characters 美東洋 which translates to “East” in Chinese and Japanese, while it phonetically means “believe” in Korean. If we add “mi” (my in Spanish), which means something like “my eastern”, my little piece of Asia in Madrid. It’s a place to meet people with similar interests and share with them the Asian experience in Spain. It’s also an adaptable space so you can always feel like you are in a pleasant environment and nothing interferes with your language learning process.

What is Mitoyo?

Our mission

Our goal is none other than to offer a place where every student feels at ease enjoying their time learning about Asian languages and their culture. To achieve it, we have a group of committed dedicated with your interests and goals in mind when it comes to plan your classes. That’s how we intend to create a strong learning community where you will benefit greatly from.
Our day-to-day classes are focused on living the Asian experience in Madrid and taking the Spanish culture to Asia. Mitoyo is a bridge where you can stay in dreaming.

Our philosophy

Mitoyo was created with the goal of having a learning environment in mind appropriate for the increasing demand of people that want to learn Asian languages. The enthusiasm shown in our classes surprises us every day. That’s why we deem it our responsibility to offer a high quality education that meet the education standard. We always pay attention to each student’s progress, we think that every group has to progress the way it is planned to from the start. This means that if you sign up to one of our groups you are guaranteed that the group will progress without interruption until the completion date.

Our vision

In the future we will go into more detail for the specialization of our services to reach a greater understanding of the learning of Asian languages. As Europeans, we don’t learn Asian languages the same way an Asian student would. This is why it’s essential to understand how to optimize our learning on the basis of the characteristics of the target language. In five years time we will improve our organizational structure of the school in order to effectively reach a higher number of people. We want to become the frame of reference of what a school of learning Asian languages has to be. We want all of the students that come to the school to be satisfied. We want to create our own learning methods. Oh! And we are also planning to take over the world!

Learn about our methodology

You might have wondered sometime how a language is taught, what we can do to teach you a language and, more importantly, how we learn languages. Well, there are many possible answers (Not like those types of methods that offer fast and miracle solutions…). At our school we believe that having the ability to speak in that language is what really makes us internalize languages and because of that it is important to bring culture to our classes. Reacting to a new culture is an essential requirement to understand the new language. That does not mean that grammar is not part of our classes. Quite the opposite, it is the road that lets us know where we are at in our path. Every new grammatical element is a communicational tool that opens us to new possibilities towards our goal and lets us solve our challenges effectively. But it is clear that it can’t be the main component of a class. Particularly on the first steps, we have to make the most of the “lexical grammar” to start to communicate starting from the beginning. This way, by having in mind that our goal is to be able to express ourselves, we work with every sentence in detail following effective strategies to solve the assignments suggested by the teachers. But it has to be aloud, they have to hear us. So it’s time to start losing your shyness in pursuit of a greater good, learning languages!

Meet our team :)

Xiaoqing Ji


Adrien Brook


Pablo Pérez


Kenichi Shinagawa


Seungjun Lee


Shinobu Obatake


(Español) Yuma Ito

(Español) Japón

(Español) Yoshie Anzawa

(Español) Japón